IBEW Local 3

IBEW Local 3 is based in New York offers benefits via the Joint Industry Board (JIB.) IBEW 3’s Code of Excellence program emphasizes principles such as safe and productive work practices, performing the highest quality and quantity of work, and utilizing skills and abilities to the maximum. For more information on IBEW Local 3, visit …

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LIUNA Local 79

Laborers Local 79 Construction and General Building Laborers’ Local 79, which serves the five boroughs of New York City, was created in 1996 through the consolidation of ten smaller Laborers’ Locals. Local 79 currently has over 10,000 active and retired members and is the largest Laborers’ Local in North America. For more information on LIUNA …

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IBEW Local 102

Local 102 has served the electrical needs of New Jersey and Pennsylvania for over 120 years. This Local prioritizes safe and efficient jobs. More information about Local 102 can be found on the Local 102 website.

liuna local 1611 logo

Laborers’ Local 1611

Local 1611 represents over 9,000 members who work in sectors that include; road building, pipeline, paving, utility, mining, industrial plants, rail, dock and shipyard, healthcare, security, waste to energy, manufacturing and production, cemeteries and landscaping. Its members have been building and servicing British Columbia and the Yukon since 1937. The Labourers’ Union Local 1611 was …

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Laborers’ Local 397

Local 397 unites nearly 500 construction professionals who build and maintain Madison county, Illinois. The union was chartered in 1917 as an affiliate of the Laborers’ International Union of North America. The primary goal of Local 397 is to enhance the quality of life of its members. The union offers a variety of services to …

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liuna local 611 logo

Laborers’ Local 611

Local 611 unites nearly 500 men and women who work in the construction industry of Connecticut. The union was chartered in 1920 as an affiliate of the Laborers’ International Union of North America. Local 611 provides its members with various opportunities for professional development through excellent training programs and scholarships. The union also bargains on …

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liuna local 226 logo

Laborers’ Local 226

Local 226 serves over 500 public employees in Aramark and Sodexho who perform building, groundskeeping and food service functions for the City of Providence. In cooperation with Rhode Island Laborers’ Benefit Funds, Local 226 provides a variety of benefit packages, including medical, dental, vision insurance, retirement plans, Union Plus Scholarships, college degrees, etc. For more …

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liuna local 1144 logo

Laborers’ Local 1144

Local 1144 serves over 500 public employee members in Taunton and Attleboro, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1966 as an affiliate of the Laborers’ International Union of North America. Local 1144 is a member of the Massachusetts and Northern New England Laborers’ District Council, a division of LiUNA that represents approximately 20,000 laborers and public …

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liuna local 350 logo

Laborers’ Local 350

Pipeline Workers Local 350 has jurisdiction over all pipeline work in the states of Texas, Oklahoma and the southern portion of New Mexico. It was chartered in 1985 and currently represents over 500 members. Local 350 is dedicated to providing its members with different benefit programs. Among these are better working conditions, health insurance and …

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