Compare HCM TradeSeal vs In-House

Compare HCM TradeSeal to In-House Software Development

TradeSeal is the only lightweight, scalable construction payroll solution that can also be customized to meet unique, advanced business requirements.

For busy CIOs, IT and BI stakeholders in the construction industry, HCM TradeSeal is a game-changing technology that can fully support HR and Payroll processes without impacting your internal IT infrastructure. And unlike custom-built, in-house technology solutions, HCM TradeSeal reduces the risk of payroll processing issues because it is fully managed by a high availability support team that specializes in managing prevailing wage and union payroll needs.

HCM TradeSealIn-House
Solution setupBasic solution functionality is already built, calculations and reports are ready to use from day oneBasic solution functionality must be planned, designed and developed, timelines vary depending on availability of development and IT resources
Support processHighly available, responsive support team that specializes in managing the needs of prevailing wage and union HR and payroll administrative end usersIT must design, create and implement support processes and manage unanticipated technical and end-user challenges, including last-minute processing needs
HCM system integrationProven connectivity to most major HR and Payroll platforms, including upgrades to accommodate changes and updates to HCM vendor systems and APIsHCM system access, connectivity and uptime monitoring must be developed and supported by IT, including new development to support HCM vendor system updates
Identity managementUser accounts are fully managed by HCM TradeSeal, with available MFA and multi-organization access controlAccess control and user account management must be maintained, including requests to add new users or assist with login issues
SecurityTrusted, vetted and integrated technology for multiple HCM vendors, frequently tested and maintainedAny tools managing HR or Payroll data must be assessed for security risk, regular penetration testing and security monitoring programs must be created
RiskHCM TradeSeal significantly lowers the risk of payroll inaccuracy, and enables HR and Payroll stakeholders to visualize and finalize critical payroll decisionsInternal IT teams and resources may be associated with payroll processing risks or seen as a stakeholder involved in ensuring payroll accuracy
ERP system integrationProven flows for job data, costing and general ledger information, as well as employee data sets. Fully managed to support ERP system changes and updates.Data flows must be designed, vetted and supported with internal resources. Responsible for accommodating ERP system changes.
ReportingCertified payroll and union remittance reports are fully supported, optimization and customization requests from HR and Payroll stakeholders are supported and can be integrated with payroll and job dataCustomizations or optimizations to reports must be designed and managed, or addressed manually by HR and Payroll stakeholders
Rate and benefit calculationsProven, fully visualized and tested system for managing prevailing wage and union rates, fringe benefits, and employee-specific rate and fringe variationsMust be customized and frequently updated to accommodate business changes such as new jobs, unions, overtime calculations or earning codes
Time import and payroll processingRich timecard import designed to be user-friendly and fully supported when Payroll stakeholders encounter processing issues or questions about optimizing pre-payroll adjustments. Visual tools for managing imported hours.Import and processing issues must be supported internally. Custom visualization or application of timecard data against rate and benefit rules must be developed maintained.

*HCM TradeSeal must be integrated with a major Human Capital Management (HCM) vendor technology to support HR and Tax management. Please visit the CIC Catalog to view all supported vendors.

It’s time to reduce IT burden and fully support payroll and HR

Construction technology teams should not be “on call” for managing challenging HR and payroll processing workflows. Let HCM TradeSeal reduce IT risk and workload, while ensuring that HR and payroll stakeholders are fully supported by a team specializing in construction payroll issues.

Only HCM TradeSeal integrates with major HR and payroll vendors to ensure full compliance.

HR Compliance: HCM platforms make life easier with fully automatic recruiting, hiring and onboarding technology – but convenience is only part of their appeal to construction-industry employers. HCM vendors like ADP, UKG, Paychex, Paycor, Paylocity and Ceridian have innovated to include COVID-19 and DEI compliance features into their platforms, built upon decades of industry-leading features developed to keep employers safe.

Tax Management: HCM platforms do more than just process payroll – they allocate and pay taxes to federal, state and local agencies using your organization’s information. Imagine processing payroll with the confidence that FICA, FUTA and other taxes are paid correctly, even across multiple jurisdictions.

Purchase HCM TradeSeal to integrate with HCM platforms

TradeSeal pricing is designed to support employers during their transition from in-house, “construction only” payroll management to a major HCM platform.

Get started with HCM TradeSeal today – purchase TradeSeal directly from the CIC Catalog. Select your preferred HCM technology provider or purchase TradeSeal directly without selecting an HCM vendor.