Union Certified Payroll

If your company employs union workers, your Certified Payroll needs may be different from a non-union shop. HCM TradeSeal fully automates certified payroll and union reporting for union employers, even when multiple Locals or jurisdictions are involved.

How Union Certified Payroll is different

New York City Comptroller Certified Payroll Report

Most union employee pay is not based on prevailing wage rate determinations, however it is essential to ensure all union employees are paid at or above prevailing wage.

Unlike non-union employees, union workers typically receive complex benefit packages that do not include cash fringes. HCM TradeSeal‘s reporting technology makes it easy to include union employees on any certified payroll report, including fringe benefits.

Union fringe benefits require advanced reporting

HCM TradeSeal understands the way union fringe benefits must be accounted for on Certified Payroll reports. Additionally, union employers need to send monthly or weekly remittance reports to each union, detailing hours worked by union and total amounts payable to each Local or fund.

Depending on the Certified Payroll projects or union locals you are working with, your company may need to file several different types of reports in a single week, for a single project. HCM TradeSeal makes it easy to get the reports you need, when you need them – with affordable pricing that includes unlimited reports.

Working with multiple unions

If your company works with multiple unions, you may need to include workers from different locals on a single certified payroll report. Additionally, you will need to remit multiple union reports every week or every month, to ensure each local receives the correct funds for their employer paid benefits.

It will also be important to ensure that each union employee receives the correct union earning and deduction amounts as part of their weekly paycheck, as well as their union pay scale which can vary by local, and also by employee seniority or class.

HCM TradeSeal‘s union technology makes it easy to manage union earnings and deductions prior to payroll being processed, including automation of challenging union rate increases that must be applied on a specific date.

Including apprentices on Certified Payroll reports

Depending on your specific locals and/or Certified Payroll project rules, you may need to include a specific amount of apprentices on your Certified Payroll reports. In some cases, apprentices will belong to the same local as other union journeymen working on the same project – in other cases, apprentices may be non-union.

HCM TradeSeal automatically understands which employees are apprentices, and automatically includes apprentices on the correct Certified Payroll reports. HCM TradeSeal can also automate apprentice pay and enforce journeyman/apprentice ratio rules on certain Certified Payroll projects.