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HCM TradeSeal for Paychex®

Featuring two-way integration with HR and payroll data, HCM TradeSeal is designed to accurately connect and share data with Paychex Flex® – including available time import and general ledger integration. Use Paychex as your system of record for employee data, and let TradeSeal take care of accurate payroll calculation, Certified Payroll reporting and Union Remittance reporting.

What can TradeSeal do as an add-on to Paychex Flex?

Whether partially integrated (simple payroll import) or fully integrated (HR data, time and/or GL integration), TradeSeal can enhance your standard payroll experience with Paychex to include fully accurate calculation of union or prevailing wage rates and fringe benefits, plus unlimited Certified Payroll and Union Remittance reporting.

  • Rate management: tell TradeSeal your prevailing wage and union rate of pay and fringe benefit rules. If you are already using TradeSeal, go to Data Manager > Rates or Data Manager > Benefits to download current data. You can administer or re-upload data any time to make changes.
  • Job management: New! Add jobs to TradeSeal to manage job-specific Certified Payroll reporting information such as Project ID and job address. If you are already using TradeSeal, go to Data Manager > Jobs to download current data, administer or upload new jobs.
  • Employee data: Automatically import employees from Paychex Flex via API, or as a CSV upload. If you are already using TradeSeal, go to HCM TradeSeal > Employee data and choose “Import” or “Manage Employees.”
  • Payroll processing: Review all pre-payroll calculations using TradeSeal’s realtime review screen. Import payroll totals automatically to Paychex via API, or using TradeSeal’s Paychex-format file export.If you are already using TradeSeal, go to HCM TradeSeal > Review to see weekly rate and benefit calculations based on employee time cards.
    • Time import: automatically import timecard data from any system. Excel or CSV imports are recommended.
    • Cost entry: enter weekly timecards or adjust imported timecards directly within TradeSeal.
  • Report generation: generate unlimited Certified Payroll and Union Remittance reports with TradeSeal, based on TradeSeal calculations and Paychex payroll data.
    • Certified Payroll: TradeSeal currently supports California DIR, Chicago Housing, Connecticut, Delaware, Federal, LCP Tracker, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota DOT, Minnesota LI, Missouri LI, Nevada, New Jersey, New York Comptroller, New York SCA, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, NYNJ Port Authority, Rhode Island, Washington L&I.
    • Union Reports: TradeSeal currently supports Local 15c, Local 102, Local 172, Local 234, Local 472, Local 965. All other locals are available and supported with a regularly updated generic excel and PDF formats.
  • GL integration: TradeSeal can be extended to auto-import Paychex Flex payroll data to your GL or ERP system. Requires GL / Job Costing add-on.

Solve your Certified Payroll, Union reporting and ERP and HCM integration with one tool.

Paychex Connector - Interface With Paychex System
Solve your Certified Payroll, Union reporting and ERP and HCM integration with one tool.

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