HCM TradeSeal for UKG

Add Certified Payroll, prevailing wage, union and job costing support to UKG Pro, with HCM TradeSeal.

Solutions for UKG

Whether your construction company is focused on adding more employees, working with new unions or taking on more jobs – HCM TradeSeal helps you focus on growth. Combined with UKG’s reliable HR and payroll compliance technology, HCM TradeSeal connects your systems together to produce a seamless payroll, costing and reporting cycle.

UKG union Certified Payroll

Ideal for employers with union employees and Certified Payroll projects: HCM TradeSeal extends UKG to support union Certified Payroll needs. Combine HCM TradeSeal and UKG to automate union pay, generate union reports, simplify multi-union payroll and apprentice pay rules.

UKG prevailing wage Certified Payroll

Ideal for non-union employers with certified payroll projects: add HCM TradeSeal to UKG for prevailing wage and Certified Payroll management. Combine HCM TradeSeal and UKG to automate prevailing wage pay rules, apply fringe benefit credits to reduce taxable cash fringe payments, simplify multi-state payroll, PLA and County rules.

UKG general ledger and job cost integration

Ideal for construction payroll teams who are transitioning HR and payroll processes away from their ERP or legacy ERP: use HCM TradeSeal to seamlessly integrate UKG’s net pay allocations into job costed labor and labor burden amounts. Visualize real time job costs and import job cost details to drive billing and invoicing in your ERP system.

UKG union reporting

Ideal for union employers: add detailed monthly or weekly union remittance reports to UKG with HCM TradeSeal. Instantly generate reports for multiple union locals, including employees who work in more than one local per pay period.

ERP Integrations for UKG

HCM TradeSeal and UKG users can enjoy seamless connectivity with constructions most popular ERP systems. Integrate general ledger and job cost data based on UKG’s calculated net pay and tax rules.

Connect Procore to UKG

Take advantage of Procore’s powerful project management capabilities, while managing HR and payroll with UKG.

Procore integration >

Connect Sage 300/Timberline to UKG

Continue using Sage 300 while transitioning HCM processes to UKG.

Sage 300 / Timberline integration >

Connect Jonas ERP to UKG

Utilize your favorite Jonas ERP features, with UKG as an external payroll system.

Jonas ERP integration >

Connect CMiC to UKG

Utilize UKG as an external payroll system, while continuing to rely on CMiC’s powerful capabilities.

CMiC ERP integration >

Connect JD Edwards to UKG

Use UKG as an external HR and payroll system, while continuing to use JD Edwards’ powerful enterprise management features.

JD Edwards integration >

Connect Deltek to UKG

Continue using Deltek ComputerEase, Costpoint or Ajera while managing HR and payroll processes with UKG.

Deltek integration >

Connect NetSuite to UKG

Use UKG as your external HR and payroll system, while maintaining detailed job cost information in NetSuite.

NetSuite integration >

Connect Oracle to UKG

Take advantage of UKG’s HR and payroll capabilities while continuing to use Oracle as your ERP.

Oracle integration >

Connect Acumatica to UKG

Continue to utilize Acumatica’s powerful capabilities, while shifting HR and payroll management to UKG.

Acumatica integration >

Connect Viewpoint to UKG

Continue using Viewpoint Vista, Spectrum, ProContractor or Construction One while managing HR and payroll processes with UKG.

Viewpoint integration >