General Ledger and Job Cost Integration

For growing Construction businesses managing HR and payroll outside of their ERP system, it is important to ensure payroll general ledger and detailed job cost information continue to drive ERP-based billing and costing. HCM TradeSeal fully automates the transfer of job costed labor and labor burden amounts from an external payroll system into your ERP system.

Why employers are removing payroll from ERP systems

Construction ERP and accounting systems are highly capable of tracking detailed costs, and serve as a system of record for project and job related information.

However, even the most powerful ERP systems are not designed with HR and Payroll tax compliance in mind. Because major HR and payroll vendors handle payment of payroll taxes, construction contractors can save time and mitigate tax compliance risks by removing HR and payroll processes from their ERP system.

By trusting critical HR and tax processes to a major human capital management provider, employers enjoy greater efficiency and peace of mind, while still continuing to utilize powerful project management and billing features within their ERP system.

Construction ERP systems have detailed job cost integration requirements

HCM TradeSeal expands on the advantages of external payroll systems by increasing the level of labor and labor burden detail that can be processed. By supporting multiple levels of costing and advanced labor burden rules, HCM TradeSeal is able to automatically integrate external payroll general ledger data into construction ERP systems, without sacrificing important labor and labor burden information.

Depending on the needs of your business, HCM TradeSeal can apply simple, variable or even complex labor burden rules.

Visualizing construction job costs

If your business needs to visualize real time job costs based on labor hours and advanced rate rules such as prevailing wages and union rates, it will be important to utilize HCM TradeSeal‘s job cost screen. By reviewing costs regularly, your team will be able to quickly report on job performance even before payroll is processed.

HCM TradeSeal‘s rate calculation and job cost visualization features make it easy to generate realtime insights that are highly accurate.

Working with legacy systems

If your ERP system lacks strong integration capabilities, or is not capable of fully importing external payroll costs: HCM TradeSeal can provide simple, human readable job cost reports that enable administrators to drive costing and reporting processes. By taking advantage payroll tax and HR efficiencies offered by modern HCM systems, your team will be able to save countless hours even when working with a legacy ERP.

With HCM TradeSeal, job costs can always be visualized regardless of your preferred time & attendance, payroll or ERP system.