liuna local 630

Laborers’ Local 630

Local 630 has around 1,150 members who work in a variety of roles including janitors, linemen, various water/wastewater jobs, equipment operators, code enforcement, sanitation, IT Techs, accountants, and others.

Today, it serves communities throughout Florida from the Palm Coast, Florida-Georgia line and as far as the Panhandle. LIUNA Local 630 is a Public Employee Union that represents Service Contracts.

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HCM TradeSeal support for Laborers’ Local 630:

  • Auto-calculation of Laborers’ Local 630 Journeyman and/or Apprentice rates
  • Calculation and accounting support for Laborers’ Local 630 union benefits
  • Automatic union reports for Laborers’ Local 630
  • Union audit support for Laborers’ Local 630
  • Accurate Certified Payroll reporting for Laborers’ Local 630 work classes

How to Add Laborers’ Local 630 to TradeSeal

This Local's unique TradeSeal identifier is: LiUNA 630

Go to HCM TradeSeal > Data Manager and choose "Benefits, Deductions and Fringes" to add LiUNA 630 fringe benefit calculations and automatic remittance reporting.

Learn more about HCM TradeSeal by watching a brief overview video. HCM TradeSeal can automatically calculate fringe benefits and generate remittance reports for most union locals.