ERP Systems – HCM TradeSeal

ERP systems are not ideal for managing HR, Payroll and Payroll Tax compliance – but they are mission-critical tools for managing jobs, general ledger and activity-based costing. With the right costing data, your ERP can drive vital tracking, billing and accounting activities.

Common-sense data flows that simplify system compatibility

With TradeSeal, data flows naturally from the field to the office. Whether you choose to drive timekeeping and costing from your ERP or from a fully integrated HCM time system, TradeSeal ensures straightforward processes are used to tie data together without any confusion across companies or departments.

Finally – ERP System Compatibility for HCM

TradeSeal enables supported ERP and construction accounting systems to communicate seamlessly with Human Capital Management (HCM) technology.

TradeSeal ERP Data Flow
Time, activity and costing data import seamlessly to TradeSeal, with available job data integration. After payroll, TradeSeal blends time, costing and financial data for an accurate General Ledger import with available employee data.

Integrate HCM and ERP systems the right way – with HCM handling HR, payroll and tax compliance and ERP handling jobs, costs, general ledger and everything else.

Supported ERP Systems

TradeSeal’s common-sense, easily understandable data flows connect the most important data sets between any of our supported ERP systems and your chosen HCM system. Supported ERPs include Procore, Acumatica, Viewpoint, Sage 300 / Timberline, CMiC, Oracle, Netsuite, Deltek, JD Edwards and Jonas ERP.

Supported HCM Systems

Because TradeSeal is fully compatible with major payroll systems, users can enjoy an “in-house” level of control over prevailing wage payroll processing without sacrificing the critical advantages of enhanced HR management, tax filing and available general ledger integration.

Purchase HCM TradeSeal to enable ERP compatibility

With included Certified Payroll and Union reporting – HCM TradeSeal can support basic or advanced data integration to help you get the best from your ERP system, while maintaining the best HR and Payroll Tax compliance possible using modern platforms like ADP, Paychex, Paycor, UKG, Paylocity and Ceridian.

Get started with HCM TradeSeal today – select your preferred HCM technology provider or purchase TradeSeal directly without selecting an HCM vendor.