Jonas ERP Certified Payroll, Union Reporting and Integration for HCM Systems

Get the best possible Certified Payroll, Union Reporting, HR and Payroll experience by connecting Jonas ERP to major HCM systems like ADP, Paychex, Paycor, Paylocity, UKG and Ceridian. Successfully transition HR, Payroll and payroll tax management into a modern HCM system while maintaining the accuracy of prevailing wages, union rates and job costing in Jonas ERP.

Jonas ERP Payroll Integration

Through HCM TradeSeal, you can connect the following payroll systems to Jonas ERP.

  • Paycor: strong job costing, time & attendance, HR and payroll functionality.
  • Paychex: largest 401(k) recordkeeper in the US, with strong time, HR and payroll capabilities.
  • UKG: ranked #3 on Fortune’s Best Workplaces in Technology 2021, strong enterprise features.
  • ADP: largest payroll provider, ADP pays 1 out of every 6 US employees
  • Paylocity: strong technology ecosystem and powerful HR, time and payroll functionality.
  • Ceridian: powerful enterprise capabilities and customizable reporting
  • Workday: known for large enterprise capabilities

How does TradeSeal Connect Jonas ERP to your HR and Payroll system?

HCM TradeSeal ensures your data can be managed consistently between your Jonas ERP system and your Human Capital Management (HCM) system. While ERP systems excel at project management, job costing, billing and other critical functions, they are not designed to manage Human Resources, Payroll and Payroll tax compliance issues.

With TradeSeal, HR and Payroll can be shifted out of the ERP system and into a major HCM system.

TradeSeal allows Prevailing Wage and Union contractors to handle payroll tax management in systems like ADP, Paychex, Paycor, Paylocity, UKG and Ceridian – while keeping project management functionality in Jonas ERP.

How does TradeSeal’s Jonas ERP Connectivity Work?

HCM TradeSeal creates a layer of data abstraction that synchronizes important concepts across multiple systems. ERP and HCM Job Numbers, Cost Centers, Unions, Prevailing Wage Jobs, Positions and Classes are standardized within HCM TradeSeal.

Time system import, Payroll connectivity, HR connectivity, GL/Job Cost and Job/Project information can be synchronized across systems using HCM TradeSeal technology.
HCM TradeSeal integrates with Jonas Enterprise to enable accurate Certified Payroll and Union reporting

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  • Create an HCM TradeSeal site for your company
  • Begin importing / uploading data to TradeSeal immediately, even if you have not chosen an HCM or Payroll vendor for payroll processing
  • Connect TradeSeal to your payroll vendor of choice to combine TradeSeal’s fully accurate calculations with best-in-class payroll tax and HR management
  • Experience fantastic ongoing support from HCM TradeSeal’s expert team