UA Local 855

UA Local 855 is based in Somerville, New Jersey, and is made up of more than 1,700 skilled workers, most of whom work for PSE&G. (gas and electric utility company). The Union members repair gas mains, services, and meters, respond to emergency gas calls, and repair appliances and HVAC systems. Membership of Local 855 also includes dispatchers, clerical workers, auto mechanics, and Gas Plant personnel.

Local 855 partners with many organizations to provide its members with a number of benefit programs. Among these are continuing education, health insurance, a pension plan, and others.

To learn more about UA Local 855, please, visit its website,

HCM TradeSeal support for UA Local 855:

  • Auto-calculation of UA Local 855 Journeyman and/or Apprentice rates
  • Calculation and accounting support for UA Local 855 union benefits
  • Automatic union reports for UA Local 855
  • Union audit support for UA Local 855
  • Accurate Certified Payroll reporting for UA Local 855 work classes

How to Add UA Local 855 to TradeSeal

This Local's unique TradeSeal identifier is: PPF 855

Go to HCM TradeSeal > Data Manager and choose "Benefits, Deductions and Fringes" to add PPF 855 fringe benefit calculations and automatic remittance reporting.

Learn more about HCM TradeSeal by watching a brief overview video. HCM TradeSeal can automatically calculate fringe benefits and generate remittance reports for most union locals.