Feature List – HCM TradeSeal

Payroll processing

HCM TradeSeal calculates rates and fringes prior to payroll submission.

Import time: read time data from any field time system. Capture every hour, cost and comment.

Key and review: use simple visual tools to review all fringes, rates and gross pay elements. Key in changes or missing timecards any time.


HCM TradeSeal generates unlimited Certified Payroll and Union reports.

Certified Payroll: create federal, state and local forms in PDF or electronic formats. Compatible with LCP Tracker, California DIR, Washington and other electronic systems.

Currently supported: California DIR, Chicago Housing, Connecticut, Delaware, Federal, LCP Tracker, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota DOT, Minnesota LI, Missouri LI, Nevada, New Jersey, New York Comptroller, New York SCA, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, NYNJ Port Authority, Rhode Island, Washington L&I.

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Union remittance: seeing is believing – generate fully-filled union remittance paper forms (PDF), or electronic / Excel formats.

Currently supported: Local 3, Local 4, Local 5, Local 11, Local 16, Local 17, Local 101, Local 102, Local 103, Local 150, Local 154 , Local 156, Local 157, Local 172, Local 218, Local 231, Local 234, Local 251, Local 274, Local 300, Local 301, Local 322, Local 351, Local 394, Local 420, Local 472, Local 475, Local 513, Local 520, Local 595, Local 649, Local 660, Local 661, Local 662, Local 663, Local 664, Local 754, Local 790, Local 791, Local 793, Local 795, Local 800, Local 810, Local 811, Local 825, Local 947, Local 965.

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Union rate management

TradeSeal manages rates and fringe benefit calculations across multiple unions.

Shift, OT, DT: fully automate calculations of per-union, per-shift pay, including specific OT and DT rules, by union, by employee, or by job.

Benefit calculations: per hour worked, per hour paid, percent of gross, cap at 40, and many other standard calculations are supported for earnings, deductions and informational fringes. TradeSeal can also be extended to support custom calculations.

Prevailing wage management

TradeSeal calculates penny-perfect prevailing wages and fringes, union or non-union.

Rates by job: set up per-job classes or crafts that pay prevailing wage at minimum. TradeSeal automatically pays above scale based on employee rates, where applicable.

Perfect fringes: pay per-job cash fringes, or reduce fringes automatically based on payment over scale, union or per-employee bona-fide benefits.

Trade intelligence

TradeSeal doesn’t just pay union scale accurately, it knows how each union works.

Preloaded unions: ask if your locals are supported. Current unions include 3, 4, 5, 11, 16, 17, 101, 102, 103, 150, 154 ,156, 157, 172, 218, 231, 234, 251, 274, 300, 301, 322, 351, 394, 420, 472, 475, 513, 520, 595, 649, 660, 661, 662, 663, 664, 754, 790, 791, 793, 795, 800, 810, 811, 825, 947, 965.

Error detection: TradeSeal can understand potential union payroll errors before they happen. Identify incorrect or missing rates and benefits before payroll is submitted.

Effective dates: all TradeSeal union rate and benefit rules support date ranges – capture rate increases at the beginning of a new week, or even mid-week.

Historic reporting

TradeSeal is designed with historic reporting in mind.

Re-generate Certified Payroll: need to go back in time on a Certified job? TradeSeal supports historic edits and report generation for past-period date ranges.

Reconcile union reporting: ensure union hours and rates match your adjusted payroll. TradeSeal supports historic edits and historic generation for union remittance reports.

General ledger

HCM TradeSeal can be extended to support advanced job costing and GL integration.

Job cost: track up to nine levels of costing – more than most HCM vendor systems will support – including equipment, work order and contract.

GL integration: customize the way costing levels, labor burden and journal entries flow from field time management, through payroll and into your general ledger system.

Currently supported: Procore, Sage 300 / Timberline, Viewpoint, Acumatica, Oracle, Netsuite, Deltek, JD Edwards, Jonas ERP, CMiC.

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Job and ERP data management

HCM TradeSeal can be extended to provide enhanced connectivity between ERP and HCM systems, to reduce or eliminate duplicate entry of job data, labor assignments and other critical data sets.

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