Product Roadmap

HCM TradeSeal Product Roadmap

Learn about upcoming features that will be added to your edition of HCM TradeSeal.

For a complete list of available product features, please visit the HCM TradeSeal features list.

FeatureExpected Release DateAvailable Editions
Admin user access control
Ability to add/edit/remove user access within a single organization
2024Basic, Standard, Enterprise
AI-Assisted Prevailing Wage Setup
Automatically apply wage determinations to jobs
ReleasedBasic, Standard, Enterprise
AI-Assisted Union Setup
Automatically apply rate sheets to unions
ReleasedBasic, Standard, Enterprise
Cost Entry clone cost
Ability to duplicate an existing cost entry tab
2024Basic, Standard, Enterprise
View single dates on day entry boxes
Ability to see exact dates entered at the day box level in Cost Entry screen
ReleasedBasic, Standard, Enterprise
Worker compensation summary overview
Summary of gross, regular, overtime and doubletime wages by worker comp code
ReleasedBasic, Standard, Enterprise
Job Costed GL Actuals – Service Titan API Feed
Ability to automatically post job-costed GL actuals from an external payroll system to Service Titan
2024Standard, Enterprise
Pay data snapshots
Ability to save snapshots / locked versions of computed payroll data
Worker compensation report
Summary and detail worker compensation report in Excel format
2024Standard, Enterprise
OCIP report
Summary and detail OCIP report in Excel format
2024Standard, Enterprise
User profiles
Individual user profiles, profile self-management for administrative purposes
2025Basic, Standard, Enterprise
Union reports by employee
Ability to create union reports by single employee ID
2024Standard, Enterprise
Union reports by job
Ability to create union reports by job number
2024Standard, Enterprise
CP reporting granular control
Ability to mark specific employees or costs as included/excluded from Certified Payroll reports
Granular admin user access control
Ability to manage refined user access privileges and settings
2024Standard, Enterprise
Data manager archive rows
Hide/archive data in data manager without deleting
2025Basic, Standard, Enterprise
CP and union reports across companies
Ability to generate and/or export Certified Payroll and Union reports across multiple organizations, instead of going into each org to download
Advanced column mapping on import
Ability to further control mapping of columns on file imports
2025Standard, Enterprise
Employee history tools
Ability to manage historic employee data using the TradeSeal UI