Prevailing Wage Certified Payroll

For non-union employers, it is essential to pay prevailing wages and fringe benefits to employees who work on certified jobs. HCM TradeSeal fully automates calculation of prevailing wages and preparation of certified payroll reports, even for employees with employer-paid benefits.

How prevailing wage Certified Payroll is different

California Certified Payroll Report

When non-union employees work on certified jobs, employers must be careful to ensure their rate of pay is greater than or equal to government wage determination rates.

Non-union employee pay can vary widely based on geography or the type of work an employee performs: rates can vary by job, by location and by type of work performed. HCM TradeSeal’s reporting technology makes it easy to include non-union employees on any Certified Payroll report. HCM TradeSeal also calculates prevailing wages and benefits automatically, to ensure employees are always paid the correct rate.

Prevailing wage fringe benefits require advanced calculation

HCM TradeSeal saves employers money on wage and tax overpayments caused by prevailing wage cash fringe benefits. By automatically converting employer paid benefits into “fringe credits,“ HCM TradeSeal is able to reduce or eliminate payment of prevailing wage cash in lieu.

Depending on the types of certified payroll projects and employer paid benefits chosen by your company, it may be possible to save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in overpayments and unnecessary taxes. HCM TradeSeal makes it easy to take advantage of prevailing wage fringe credits by automatically calculating benefits before a payroll is processed.

Working with multiple states or jurisdictions

If your company works on Certified Payroll projects in different states or jurisdictions, you may need to submit different types of Certified Payroll reports. Additionally, you may need to report fringe benefits differently across different Certified jobs.

HCM TradeSeal‘s certified payroll technology makes it easy to report to multiple agencies, General Contractors or portals such as LCP Tracker, eCPR, Washington L&I or eMars.

Working with PLAs and county rates

If your Certified Payroll jobs are impacted by a project labor agreement (PLA) or rates that vary by county, it will be important to ensure that non-union workers receive the correct rate of pay as determined or influenced by local unions. In some cases, varied rates of pay can have an impact on the way fringe benefits are calculated.

HCM TradeSeal‘s automatic calculations can enforce rate and benefit rules that vary by location. PLA or county-specific rates are included on Certified Payroll reports.