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Processing payroll for union employees requires patience and attention to detail. Each union has different requirements for pay rates, benefits and apprenticeship programs. Depending on your organization’s unique combination of union locals, dozens or hundreds of unique calculations may be necessary to run a single payroll. Benefit calculations can vary by seniority, by class, or even by individual employee choice – for example some unions allow members to opt in or out of funds such as PAC.

Union remittance reporting is also an essential part of union payroll processing – after payrolls are completed, employers must report on employee hours and submit payments to union benefit funds. Calculation accuracy is extremely important when remitting monthly or weekly benefit payments – most unions will reject employer submissions that are not 100% accurate. Employers must also be careful to ensure all checks are submitted on time – overdue or incomplete payments can result in losing an entire union agreement.

HCM TradeSeal makes it easy to fully automate union payroll processing – even when working with dozens or hundreds of different locals across multiple jurisdictions.

Compatible with major payroll systems

TradeSeal is the complete package for union payroll processing, including HR and Tax management.

Unlike construction-specific, “in-house” payroll systems, HCM TradeSeal is designed to work with modern Human Capital Management (HCM) systems like ADP, UKG, Paychex, Paycor, Paylocity and Ceridian.

Because TradeSeal is fully compatible with major payroll systems, users can enjoy an “in-house” level of control over union payroll processing without sacrificing the critical advantages of enhanced HR management, tax filing and available general ledger integration.

Preloaded union rates and benefits

Trade Intelligence allows TradeSeal to understand multiple union locals.

TradeSeal’s collection of supported union locals allows benefit packages to be preloaded, resulting in increased accuracy and simplified payroll processing. TradeSeal understands the unique pay rate, apprentice rate, benefit contribution and per-employee benefit requirements for every union local.

Every union local supported by TradeSeal has a unique identifier to differentiate its local number and parent organization (brotherhood). Because TradeSeal organizes union locals strategically, the product can support Trade Intelligence to detect errors, simplify rate and benefit management, and simplify the employer experience when interacting with multiple unions.

Union rate and benefit management

Control the way your union rates and benefits are processed – TradeSeal allows administrators to change payroll earning codes, individual benefit amounts or even calculation methods based on your specific Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with each local. Configure rates and benefits to apply by union, by job, or by employee.

TradeSeal supports dozens of unique benefit calculations including per hour worked, per hour paid / per gross hour, percent of gross, percent of gross plus benefit earnings, percent of gross cap at 40 hours, per hour worked cap at 40 hours, per week and more.

Union remittance reporting included

TradeSeal generates pixel-perfect, penny-accurate union reports for every local.

Seeing is believing – TradeSeal goes beyond simple excel reporting. Generate fully-filled union remittance paper forms (PDF), or electronic / Excel format, with complete accuracy at the union local level.

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If your union employees work on Certified Payroll jobs, TradeSeal can also be used to generate unlimited Certified Payroll reports with accurate class/craft names, benefit breakouts and pay rate reporting. Federal, state and local Certified Payroll reports are included in HCM TradeSeal, in PDF or electronic formats. TradeSeal reports are compatible with LCP Tracker, California DIR, Washington and other electronic systems.

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Purchase HCM TradeSeal for unions

TradeSeal pricing is designed to support union employers who are transitioning from in-house payroll management to a major HCM platform.

Get started with HCM TradeSeal today – purchase TradeSeal directly from the CIC Catalog. Select your preferred HCM technology provider or purchase TradeSeal directly without selecting an HCM vendor.