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Unlike ERP systems – HCM systems are focused on building and managing winning teams, while staying in compliance with Construction’s rapidly changing HR laws and regulations.

TradeSeal ensures compatibility with major HCM systems

Extend the most popular and most powerful HCM systems with accurate job costing, HR data integration, Certified Payroll and Union reporting. TradeSeal ensures your ERP system is fully compatible with leading HR and Payroll platforms.

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HR and Payroll are just the beginning

Human Capital Management (HCM) technology enables Construction employers to win the war on talent, manage succession planning, control workforce costs and build winning organizations.

Supported HCM Systems

Learn more about TradeSeal’s supported Human Capital Management systems – TradeSeal partners with HCM vendors who have been in business for at least 20 years, serve at least 5,000 active clients and keep at least $50M cash on hand.

Which Construction Payroll is Best?

HCM TradeSeal is dedicated to serving Construction payroll teams focused on growth. Our expert knowledge of HCM systems can help general contractors select the right HCM software tools, and plan implementation timelines for a smooth go-live.

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