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Carpenters Local 322

Carpenters Local 322 is a union organization representing 5600 hard-working members in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area of the Upper Midwestern United States. The union plays a critical role in the development of some of the biggest projects in the area, including commercial buildings, hotels, stadiums, refineries, and even bridges.

Members of the local union perform a wide range of tasks, from site preparation, concrete forms, and decks, to framing walls and roofs and installing windows, doors, cabinetry, countertops, trim, hardware, and specialty furniture.

The Carpenters Training Institute provides specialized training programs to members of Local 322, allowing them to become skilled carpenters, millwrights, pile drivers, floor coverers, cabinet makers, and other craftsmen. Members of Local 322 also receive an array of benefits, including medical and life insurance, a pension plan, accidental death and long-term disability benefits, and maternity leave. 

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To automate payroll and reporting for this union: open HCM TradeSeal, go to "Trade Intelligence" and add CJA 322 to your list of unions. Adding this local will enable HCM TradeSeal to:

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