Laborers’ Local 4

Laborers’ Local 4 represents over 1,500 men and women working in the construction industry in Chicago, Illinois, and vicinity. The geographical area of Local 4 consists of the Chicago Loop and portions of the South and Southeast side, east of Interstate 94 and north of Skyway, to the Indiana border.

Thanks to the partnership with the Midwest Coalition of Labor, members of Local 4 have access to different benefits programs, such as training classes, scholarships, legal services, life insurance, etc.

Visit the LIUNA Local 4 page for additional information.

Pay Laborers’ Local 4 Automatically with HCM TradeSeal:

To automate payroll and reporting for this union: open HCM TradeSeal, go to "Trade Intelligence" and add LiUNA 4 to your list of unions. Adding this local will enable HCM TradeSeal to:

  • Auto-calculate of Laborers’ Local 4 Journeyman and/or Apprentice rates
  • Calculate and account for for Laborers’ Local 4 union benefits
  • Generate automatic union reports for Laborers’ Local 4
  • Simplify union audits for Laborers’ Local 4
  • Generate Certified Payroll reports for Laborers’ Local 4 work classes

Watch a Video

Learn more about HCM TradeSeal by watching a brief overview video. HCM TradeSeal can automatically calculate fringe benefits and generate remittance reports for most union locals, including Laborers’ Local 4.