Revolutionizing Construction: AI-Assisted Technology Unveils a New Era of Innovation at HCM TradeSeal

Company Announcement – PRESS RELEASE

December 04, 2023 [as seen in Construction Dive]

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — HCM TradeSealan innovative technology provider in certified payroll compliance, announced today the release of AI-Assisted Technology, heralding a new era of innovation and efficiency in managing union and prevailing wage rate rules.

The construction industry, traditionally known for its physical and labor-intensive nature, is experiencing a monumental transformation with the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. AI is revolutionizing the way construction projects are planned, executed, and maintained, leading to improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and safety. Now, construction clients have the option to leverage AI assisted workflows to manage unions and prevailing wages on behalf of their workforce, using HCM TradeSeal’s latest feature. 

“HCM TradeSeal uses AI to scan and create wage rules for construction industry employers. Automatically applying wage rate updates reduces errors, and will save precious time for our clients,” shared HCM TradeSeal CTO, Curtis Szmania.

In an industry as dynamic as construction, projects span varying scales and complexities. HCM TradeSeal believes precision and timeliness become critical factors, especially in the realm of wage compliance. With the DOL’s recent final rule changes to prevailing wages, it sets the stage for the importance of robust technological interventions. Automation ensures that the complex calculations involved in determining prevailing wages, especially with the revised criteria, are accurate. Human errors, often a concern in manual processes, are significantly reduced, ensuring compliance and safeguarding against potential penalties.

“With most solution providers focused on reports, we wanted to offer a solution that leverages the latest AI technology to assist with wage compliance, ensuring rates are in compliance before payroll is processed,” said HCM TradeSeal CEO, Steve Fentriss.

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Founded in 2020, HCM TradeSeal has become a Human Capital Management’s top choice for Construction industry compliance. Selected as a Top 10 HR Compliance Service Provider by HR Tech Outlook, HCM TradeSeal offers a proven integration with the nations most popular Payroll and ERP providers. What makes us different? We help companies with complex unions and Davis Bacon compliance. We provide full service rate management and validation before payroll is processed, reducing compliance risk. We help companies automate wage calculations and get their certified payroll and union reporting on autopilot while saving payroll teams hours every week. With HCM TradeSeal, you can breathe easier during payroll and reporting.