Success Story: Waldorf Demolition

Waldorf Demolition uses HCM TradeSeal – Construction Payroll, Solved.

Waldorf Demolition offers a full range of services including structural deconstruction, interior deconstruction, and Construction debris disposal. Based in Englewood, New Jersey, Waldorf Demolition has a track record of success in the northeast, including Manhattan, New York.

Praise for HCM TradeSeal

Like many Construction contractors throughout the United States, Waldorf Demolition uses HCM TradeSeal to solve Construction payroll. Just as the northeast relies on Waldorf to get the job done, Waldorf Demolition relies on HCM TradeSeal’s technology to manage critical processes.

“What might otherwise be a daunting task is accomplished with just a few simple clicks. Using TradeSeal, I am able to manage almost a dozen unions and get accurate reports without fail.”

– Anthony B., Waldorf Demolition

What would you like to see HCM TradeSeal keep doing?

“Constant updates keep the site fresh and continue to streamline our process for managing and exporting payroll hours.”

Product spotlight: HCM TradeSeal constantly innovates and updates our product based on user feedback.

What are your “pain points” with HCM TradeSeal and how do you think we could fix them?

“We have never encountered an issue that lingered long enough to be worth describing as a ‘pain point.'”

Product spotlight: watch a video to see HCM TradeSeal’s streamlined user interface.

Can you give an example where you have been delighted/wowed by a product or service you’ve used at work and why?

“The overall responsiveness of the TradeSeal team if and when an issue arises is next to none. Thus far, I have not encountered a single issue that could not be fixed with either a quick email or Zoom meeting.”

Service spotlight: HCM TradeSeal’s support team specializes in Construction payroll issues and resolves issues quickly and professionally.

How satisfied are you with HCM TradeSeal’s products/services?

“Extremely satisfied.”

Product editions: view all TradeSeal services and product editions on our features and pricing page.

What value do we provide that makes you decide to stay with HCM TradeSeal?

“Peace of mind via consistent and accurate results.”

Business continuity: see why HCM TradeSeal is trusted by top HCM Vendors for reliability, accuracy and Construction industry compliance.

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