TradeSeal Dedicated Tenant FAQs

What is a dedicated tenant?

An HCM TradeSeal dedicated tenant combines the best of both worlds between on premise and cloud software, allowing TradeSeal customers to control when updates are published. In addition to offering control over software updates dedicated tenant also includes powerful dedicated database storage, API and business intelligence capabilities.

Is dedicated tenant available in my HCM TradeSeal plan?

HCM TradeSeal dedicated tenant is available as an additional service for enterprise plan customers. If you are currently using HCM TradeSeal enterprise edition, ask your HCM trade sale representative for more information to confirm whether your organization has purchased dedicated tenant functionality.

What additional features are available with dedicated tenant?

Every HCM TradeSeal dedicated tenant includes the following features:

Dedicated database storage: Your employee, rate, benefit and job data are stored in high performance, dedicated tables to provide enhanced security, availability and uptime.

Dedicated subdomains: Use a domain such as to access the TradeSeal application and API endpoints.

API read access: Develop your own API connections to HCM TradeSeal’s secure API endpoints. Empower your information technology and business intelligence teams to read HCM TradeSeal data.

Available API write access: Add the ability to write or update data sets via API to your dedicated tenant.

Available DB read access: Unlock the ultimate HCM business intelligence developer experience by reading your dedicated database tables using HCM TradeSeal’s modern, NoSQL database structure.