Success Story: Diversified Energy

Diversified Energy uses HCM TradeSeal – Construction Payroll, Solved.

Diversified Energy is an independent energy sector company engaged in the production, marketing and transportation of energy (primarily natural gas) with onshore US upstream and midstream assets. Diversified Energy has 1001-5000 employees and was looking for a solution to help them with union rules & certified payroll compliance.

Praise for HCM TradeSeal

Like many Construction contractors throughout the United States, Diversified Energy uses HCM TradeSeal to solve Construction payroll. See the full Review on Capterra.

“The system is very user friendly and also very accurate. The implementation team is wonderful to work with and got things taken care of in a very timely manner. I could not have asked for a better experience”

– Cindy E., Payroll Manager – Diversified Energy

Why did you choose HCM TradeSeal?

“We chose HCM TradeSeal for the ease of use and the functionality it had to keep our union rules in compliance, as well as certified payroll compliance.”

Product spotlight: watch a video to see HCM TradeSeal’s streamlined user interface.

What are your “pain points” with HCM TradeSeal and how do you think we could fix them?

“I wish some of the imports in and out of the system could be automated with our payroll provider. I think the system has this capability and it’s something I look forward to developing with TradeSeal.”

Product spotlight: HCM TradeSeal constantly innovates and updates our product based on user feedback.

How would you rate the following? (out of 5 stars)

Overall Quality: 5 stars

Ease of Use: 5 stars

Customer Support: 5 stars

Features/Functionality: 5 stars

Value for the Money: 5 stars

Service spotlight: HCM TradeSeal’s support team specializes in Construction payroll issues and resolves issues quickly and professionally.

How likely are you to recommend HCM TradeSeal’s products/services?

“10 out of 10”

Product editions: view all TradeSeal services and product editions on our features and pricing page.

Learn more about Union Certified Payroll & Reporting

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