New York City Comptroller Certified Payroll Report

Managing Jobs in HCM TradeSeal

Managing jobs data across various systems often requires duplicate entry and can lead to inaccuracy. HCM TradeSeal is configurable to provide options for managing workflows, so you can be confident in compliance.

Option 1 (Connect Systems via API): When ERP and payroll systems provide access, CIC can automate processes, so you can simply manage jobs in HCM TradeSeal. Provided API access, making an update in HCM TradeSeal will result in updates in your other system.

Option 2 (Simple import file): Not every ERP or payroll system plays nicely with others. In this case, manage jobs in HCM TradeSeal. Our platform will produce a “jobs file” that you can Import into your payroll and/or ERP system. This is not a difficult task, and CIC provides simple instructions with best practices, so you can confidently manage compliance-critical processes and eliminate duplicate entry of job information.

New Jersey Certified Payroll Report

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