Construction Industry Sales Playbook

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The HCM TradeSeal Construction Industry Sales Playbook* is available for download in PDF format. Please visit our download page to access the latest version of this frequently-updated resource.

*Our Construction Industry Sales Playbook is intended exclusively for use by our HCM partner representatives. To obtain a partner password, please contact our sales team.

2022 Construction Sales Playbook

Recent trends in the Construction industry are changing the game for the Human Capital Management (HCM) industry.

The $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill passed in late 2021, as well as new trends emphasizing the importance of HR compliance to meet stricter COVID and DEI requirements, have caused the Construction industry to seek out modern HCM solutions. With the help of a new construction compliance technology called HCM TradeSeal, HCM selling and customer success can now be expanded to fully include Construction prospects and clients.

Construction is possible for HCM

Master the challenges of Construction-industry prospecting, selling and account management. Learn lingo, key concepts and access selling tools designed to engage Construction stakeholders.

HCM TradeSeal technology is trusted by major HCM vendors. We offer vendor lock to our sales partners to ensure deal integrity.