Compare HCM TradeSeal

Compare HCM TradeSeal to Payroll4Construction and Other Integration Partners

TradeSeal is the only complete construction-industry payroll solution that includes full HR and Tax management*.

For busy CFOs, HR managers and payroll administrators in the construction industry, HCM TradeSeal is a game-changing technology that can turn days of manual effort into a few minutes of automated processing. And unlike basic, “in-house” payroll technologies, HCM TradeSeal’s fully accurate calculations integrate perfectly with robust HR and Tax management technologies.

HCM TradeSealPayroll 4 ConstructionOther Integration Partners
HCM system integrationAll major HR and payroll systemsSome systems
Certified Payroll reportingAll formats including Federal, State, Local and ElectronicSome formatsSome formats
Union reportingAll PDF and Electronic formatsSome formats
Report customizationsRobust, including support for remarks, include/exclude by class/craft
Prevailing wage calculationsRobust, with customization supportedBasicBasic
Prevailing wage fringe benefit calculationsRobust, with fully supported fringe deduction for ER paid benefits (“fringe credits”)Basic
Union rate calculationsRobust, with customization supportedBasic
Union benefit calculationsRobust, with fully supported multi-union and per-employee fringesBasic
Automatic time importRobust, with support for multiple electronic time systemsBasicBasic
Daily breakout cost entry capabilityIncludedIncluded
Comprehensive pre-payroll rate and benefit reviewRobust, supports realtime sort, search and filtering by job, cost center, employee, union and other factorsBasic

*HCM TradeSeal must be integrated with a major Human Capital Management (HCM) vendor technology to support HR and Tax management. Please visit the CIC Catalog to view all supported vendors.

It’s time for fully compliant HR and tax management

Payroll technologies designed “just for construction” are missing a few major capabilities. Without full integration to Human Capital Management (HCM) systems, “just for construction” technologies struggle to support full HR compliance and tax management.

Only HCM TradeSeal integrates with major HR and payroll vendors to ensure full compliance.

HR Compliance: HCM platforms make life easier with fully automatic recruiting, hiring and onboarding technology – but convenience is only part of their appeal to construction-industry employers. HCM vendors like ADP, UKG, Paychex, Paycor, Paylocity and Ceridian have innovated to include COVID-19 and DEI compliance features into their platforms, built upon decades of industry-leading features developed to keep employers safe.

Tax Management: HCM platforms do more than just process payroll – they allocate and pay taxes to federal, state and local agencies using your organization’s information. Imagine processing payroll with the confidence that FICA, FUTA and other taxes are paid correctly, even across multiple jurisdictions.

Purchase HCM TradeSeal to integrate with HCM platforms

TradeSeal pricing is designed to support employers during their transition from in-house, “construction only” payroll management to a major HCM platform.

Get started with HCM TradeSeal today – purchase TradeSeal directly from the CIC Catalog. Select your preferred HCM technology provider or purchase TradeSeal directly without selecting an HCM vendor.